Digisys - perimetric detector

Addressable perimeter detector


  • Development, manufacturing security systems or alarm systems and devices which enable tracking the person and monitoring action of a person in a protected place, in a protected location or around it
  • Manufacture of electric motors, switchboards, cables and batteries
  • Preparatory work for building construction
  • Realization of building construction and their changes
  • Finishing construction works for the implementation of exteriors and interiors
  • Purchase of goods for sale to final consumers (retail) or other business operators (wholesale)
  • Intermediary business in trade
  • Computer services
  • Services related to computer data processing
  • Projection and design of electrical equipment
  • Design, installation, repair and inspection of electric fire signalling
  • Design, installation, repair and revision of stable and semi-stable extinguishing equipment
  • Repair and inspection of fire water supply
  • Repair and inspection of fire hydrants
  • Inspection, repair and installation of automatic fire extinguishing
  • Installation, repair, service and inspection of fireproof fills and closures of building openings
  • Repairs, technical inspections and technical tests of specific electrical equipment
  • Performance of extra-curricular educational activities
  • Research and development on natural sciences and technical sciences